Important Tips To Answer MCQs For Competitive Entrance Exams 2024
Solution: In this page we will give you tricks to answer multiple choice question in competitive entrance tests. As a part or whole of competitive entrance examinations today consists of MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). Even various companies, central and state governments recruit candidates through such tests. Most students take a guess to answer the MCQs, but these questions require logic and a good skill to answer them. It is very important that students have a sound strategy while answering the multiple choice questions. Some tips to answer MCQs for competitive entrance exams are given in the points mentioned below.

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      Read the question properly

One of the common mistakes that most students make is not reading the question properly. Students are suggested to make a structural approach where they read the entire question paper at least once before starting to solve them. This will give them a clear idea about the entire question pattern and the question type (easy, moderate or hard). Reading the question properly will benefit students tremendously in the long run.

      Evaluate the questions and answer

After correctly identifying the type of question and solving it, students must evaluate the answer. For example, a student is solving an MCQ on organic chemistry for medical entrance exam then he or she must recheck the answer at least once after solving it. Sometimes the type of question asked, may suggest the answer, students must use this to their advantage to find the correct answer.

      Eliminate the wrong answers

In most competitive exams, the wrong options are hidden in the question itself. Students should read and understand the question properly and start eliminating the wrong answers one by one.

      Take calculated guess

Students are advised that they should only guess in a competitive entrance exam when there are no negative markings. Firstly, students should abolish the wrong options they know and narrow the question to two options. After that, according to the question type, students can take a calculated guess if they are not confident in both the answers.

      Time management

Time management skill is very important for a student to complete the exam on time. Students must not spend too much time on a single question. This will simply eat their time and make them feel nervous. They should proceed with confidence and try to find the answer to each question in a sequence and keep going on.

      Use shortcut

Shortcut formulas and tricks come very handy in MCQs exams. Students must learn as many shortcut techniques as possible and use them effectively during the time of examination. For example, if a problem is based on the topic molality, students who know the shortcut technique will be able to solve the question much faster than other students. 

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