Haryana D.Ed/ JBT Admissions College Allotment Merit List 2019 Counseling Online

Haryana D.Ed/ JBT Admissions 2019 Get Prospectus cum Application Form Eligibility Counseling Dates Haryana D.Ed/ JBT Merit List 2019 at www.dedharyana.org
Haryana JBT D.Ed Admission 2019 Counseling News: Today State Haryana JBT/ D.Ed Counseling 2019 College Seat Allotment Rank List also Cut Off Marks State Haryana D.Ed, JBT Merit List 2019 Apply Online Haryana JBT/ D.Ed Admission 2019 Form Online at dedharyana.org at 03.00 pm onward (date yet to announce..). Now you can apply admissions in D.Ed/ JBT Course in Haryana State under (State Council of Education Research & Training), SCERT, through Haryana Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani for academic session 2019-2020 on merit basis followed by counseling schedule. You have to submit D.Ed/ JBT online application form from July 2019 (exact dates after official announcement...) with required fees prescribed in prospectus and appear in entrance exam.  Then finally D.ed/ JBT counseling 2018 schedule given by academic branch are published officially for the same.  The complete detailed needed information of Haryana D.Ed/ JBT Admissions 2019 regarding admission process, merit list, prospectus, college list, counseling, eligibility, fees, college lists, allotment letter and examination process are mentioned below...................................
Candidate may change their options till 4:45 PM on 19.12.2018. Allotment letter will be available on 20.12.2018

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Haryana D.Ed. 2018-2019 Admission Application
Details For Haryana D.Ed/ JBT Admissions 2018-2019 Prospectus @ www.dedharyana.org:
(As prescribed by Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani.)
>> List of D.El.Ed Colleges
Sr. No College CodeCollege NameAddressDistrictMediumStatusType

1 66441001Lala Aml Chand Monga Memorial College of EducationVill-Abdullah Garh, Post- Ugala, Tehsil-Barara, Distt. AmbalaAmbalaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
2 66441002Lord Krishna College of EducationVPO Adhoya, Teh, Barara, Distt- AmbalaAmbalaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
3 66441003Shivalik college of EducationVillage- Aliyaspur, Po- Sarawan, Dosarka- Sadhaura Road, Distt- Ambala(Haryana)AmbalaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
4 66441004Surya College of EducationVPO Bhanokheri, Distt AmbalaAmbalaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
5 66442001Tulsi College of Education (Girls)Vill. Rupa Majra, Hisar Road, Ambala CityAmbalaHindiUn-AidedGirls
6 66141001District Institute of Education & TrainingDistrict Institute of Education & Training, Mohra (Ambala)AmbalaHindiGovtCO-ED
7 67441032DGM College of EducationVill. Mankawas, Charkhi DadrBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
8 67441001Adarsh College of EducationVPO Kairu, Tehsil Tosham, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
9 67441002Adarsh College of EducationDhani Ramjas Road, Siwani Mandi, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
10 67441003Arya Institite of Educational Teachers TrainingVPO Jhojhu Kalan, distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
11 67441004Aryavart College of EducationVPO Adampur Dadhi, Tehsil Charkhi Dadri, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
12 67441005Bhagat Jawaharmal College of EducationVill Gagarwas Tehsil Loharu, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
13 67441006C.R.Institute of EducationVILL-JHANWARI P.O. KHARKARI MAKHWAN,TOSHAM, BHIWANI-127040BhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
14 67441008Eklavya college of EducationVPO Badhra, Charkhi Dadri Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
15 67441009Gramin Sthali College of EducationVill.Mor wala Charkhidadri, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
16 67441010H.N.College of EducationVill. Sanga, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
17 67441011Haryana College of Education, MehranaMaharana, Post Dhani Phogat Tehsil Charkhi Dadri, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
18 67442001Haryana College of Education for WomenVill Maharana, PO Dhani Phogat Tehsil Charkhi Dadri, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedGirls
19 67441012Shri Haryana Shekhawati Brahmacharya Ashram D.Ed/O.T. Training InstituteMeham Gate, BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
20 67441013J.K. Memorial College of EducationVPO-Birhi Kalan, Barsana Mor, Tehsil Charkhi Dadri, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
21 67441014K.N.College of EducationCharkhi Dadri, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
22 67441015M.L.M. Institute of EducationVill. Sohansara, Loharu, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
23 67441016Major Nafe Singh Kungariya College of EducationVill. Kungar, Bawani Khera, District BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
24 67441017Marc college of educationVPO Lohani Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
25 67441018N R J College of EducationJHOJHU KALAN, CHARKHI DADRI, DISTTt.BHIWANIBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
26 67441019National College of EducationVPO Loharu, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
27 67441020S.D.College of EducationVPO Isharawal Tehsil Tosham, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
28 67441021S.D.M.TeacherTraining. InstituteDhadhi Bana Adampur Dadhi, Charkhi Dadri, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
29 67441022Sant Roshan Lal Degree College of EducationVillage-Dhani Mahu, Tehsil-Tosham, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
30 67441023Saraswati College of EducationVPO Chahar Kalan Tehsil Loharu, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
31 67441024Saraswati College of  EducationVill Mandoli PO Kalyana Teh. Charkhi Dadri Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
32 67441025Shivam college of EducationVPO Lohani, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
33 67441026Smt. Santra Devi College of Education V.P.O. Samaspur (Charkhi Dadri)VPO Samaspur Tehsil Charkhi Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 9812212288BhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
34 67441027Swastik college of EducationHisar Road, Tosham, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
35 67441028Tagore College of  EducationVill Barwa Tehsil. Siwani, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
36 67441029Tagore Elementary Teachers Educational InstituteVPO. Digawa Jatan Teh. Loharu, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
37 67441030Updesh Elementary Trs.Educational InstituteVill. Noonsar, Loharu, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
38 67442002Women College of  EducationVPO Jhojhu Kalan Teh. Charkhi Dadri Distt. BhiwniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedGirls
39 67441031YPS Memorial College of EducationVPO Kakroli Sardara, Distt. BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
40 71441014Oxford International College of Education Asrawan (Hisar)8 K.M. Bhiwani- Loharu Road, Kusumbhi Mor, Near Village Devsar, Tehsil- BhiwaniBhiwaniHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
41 68441002Jagriti Institute of Higher EducationVPO Mohana,  Ballabgarh Distt. FaridabadFaridabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
42 68441004Sai Mohan College of EducationVill. Neemka, Tigaon Raod, FaridabadFaridabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
43 68441005Shiv College of EducationVPO Tigaon, Distt. FaridabdFaridabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
44 90441011Modern College of EducationJasana (Faridabad)FaridabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
45 90441017Seharawat Degree College of EducationHathin, FaridabadFaridabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
46 68441006St.Pauls College of Education.Near Dist. Jail, Tigaon Road, Neemka Faridabad (Haryana)FaridabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
47 69441009Narayna College of Education.VPO  Bhattu Mandi Distt. FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
48 69141002Block Institute of Teacher EducationSehnal Road Behind HAFED GodownJAKHANDADI ,Ratia, Distt. FatehabadFatehabadHindiGovtCO-ED
49 69441001Aakash College of EducationVill. Chanderkalan, Teh. Tohana, Distt.  FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
50 69441002Apex College of EducationVill. Bidhal Khera, Teh.  Tohana Distt.  FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
51 69441003Defence College of EducationBhuna Road TohanaFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
52 69441004Gramin College of EducationVill. Jamalpur Shekhan, Tohana, Distt. FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
53 69441005Guru Dronacharya College of EducationFatehabad Road, Bhuna, Distt.  FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
54 69441006Manohar Memorial College of EducationSirsa Road, FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
55 69441007Surya College of EducationVillage Ballala, Tohana, Distt. FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
56 69441008Tirupati College of EducationSardulgarh Road, Near Govt.College Ratia, Distt. FatehabadFatehabadHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
57 70441001B.L College of EducationVill-Wazirpur, Post- Gurgaon, Tehsil & Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
58 70441002B.M.College of EducationHead Office Plot No. 119, Sector-46, Gurgaon Campus: HariNagar(Dumha),Farukhnagar,GUrgaon-122506GurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
59 70441003Basant Lal Memorial College of EducationVPO Garhi Harsaru, Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
60 70442001Cambridge College Of EducationPlot No. 16 Sector-10A, GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedGirls
61 70441004C. P. S. M. College of EducationNear Hero Honda Chowk, Sector-34, Behind Marble Market, Gurgaon-122004 (Haryana)GurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
62 70441006DDR Collge of EducationVill- Khandewla, VIA Heli Mandi Distt. GurgoanGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
63 70441007DPS College of EducationVPO Sidhrawli, Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
64 70441008Laxmi College of EducationVill. Kasan, Manesar Distt.  GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
65 70441009M.D. College of EducationVill- Jauri Khurd, Tehsil -Farukh Nagar, Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
66 70441010M.L.A College of EducationVPO-HailyMandi, Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
67 70441011RAO LAL SINGH COLLEGE OF EDUCATIONVPO-Sidhrawali, NH-8 Teh. Manesar Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
68 70441012Rao Mohar Singh College of EducationVill.Behrampur, P.O.Fazilpur, Tehsil & Distt.-GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
69 70441013Rao Mohar Singh College of EducationMehchana Road Jatauli, Hailymandi, Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
70 70441014Rao Neki Ram Memorial College of EducationVPO Turkapur, Bas Padamka, Distt.  GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
71 70441015Rao Udmi Ram Memorial College of Edu.VPO Jamalpur, Distt.  GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
72 70441016Rastriya Vidya Education CollegeKrishan Nagar, Basai Road GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
73 70442002S.A. Dev Training Institute (Girls)W.NO.-6, AASHRAM HARI MANDIRGurgaonHindiUn-AidedGirls
74 70441017Sardar Patel College of Education484/532, 485/583, Farukh Nagar, Distt.  GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
75 70441018Siri Shiv Chatanya College of EducationVill. Bhora Kalan, Main Road Farrukhnagar Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
76 70441019Starex Institution of EducationVill-Binola, Bilaspur Chowk, NH-8, Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
77 70441020Dayawanti memorial College of EducationVill. Pada, Distt. GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
78 90441013Saraswati Devi College of EducationJanaula, GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
79 90441014Rao Raj Singh College of EducationBabra Bankipur, GurgaonGurgaonHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
80 71441001Ambika College of  Education3rd KM Stone, Tohana Road Barwala Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
81 71441002Akash College of  EducationAgroha-adampur Road, Vill. Kalirawan Tehsil Adampur Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
82 71441003Arya College of Education9 k.m. from District Court, Rajgarh Road Vill- Bherian Post. Muklan Tehsil & Distt. Hisar-125004 HaryanaHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
83 71441004C.R. College of EducationV.P.O. Chaudhariwas, Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
84 71441005Ch. Rajmal Memorial College of EducationVPO-Sorkhi, Tehsil-Hansi, Distt.-HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
85 71441006City College of EducationVPO Arya Nagar, Tehsil & Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
86 71441007Gaur College of EducationVill. Behabalpur, Distt.  HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
87 71441008Guru Dham College of Education6 Km Stone, VPO Khedar Barwala, Distt. HissarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
88 71442001Kalpana Chawla College of  Education (Girls)Vill- Chikanwas, 14 KM Stone, Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedGirls
89 71441009Kartar Memorial College of  EducationVPO Bass Tehsil Hansi Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
90 71441010Maharaja Agarsen College of  EducationVill- Daroli Teh.Mandi Adampur Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
91 71441011Maharish  Arvindo College of EducationVPO- Chaudhariwas, Distt. HissarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
92 71441012Manav Institute of EducationNear Barwala Road. Jevra Barwala, Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
93 71442002Mata Jiyo Devi Coll of Edu (Women)VPO Khanda Kheri Tehsil Bass, Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedGirls
94 71441013New Kanshi D.Ed. Training College of EducationVPO-Behbalbalpur, Distt.HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
95 71441015Saraswati College of Education12 km Stone, Tosham Road Mangali Distt. HissarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
96 71441016Shanti Niketan College of EducationTosham Road, VPO Ladwa, Distt.  HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
97 71441017Shanti Niketan College of EducationAgroha Mor, Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
98 71441018Singh Ram Memorial College of Edu.Umra Village Sultanpur, Tehsil Hansi Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
99 71442003SRM College of Education (Women)VPO Talwandi Rana, Tehsil & Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedGirls
100 71441020SRM College of  EducationVPO- Talwandi Rana Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
101 71441021Vijay Laxmi College of  EducationVill- Daroli Tehsil -Mandi Adampur, Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
102 71441022Vision International College of EducationVPO Dhansu, Near Deer Park, Distt.  HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
103 71441023Vision International College of Education (Women)VPO- Dhansu, Distt. HisarHisarHindiUn-AidedGirls
104 72441001B.D.M. College of Edu.VPO Chuchhakwas, Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
105 72441002Cambridge College of EducationVPO-Birar, Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
106 72441003G.S.College of EducationVPO Luhari, Distt JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
107 72441004Ganga College of EducationVill. Dujana, Tehsil Beri Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
108 72441005Gyan Jyoti D.Ed. CollegeVPO KASNI DIST. JHAJJAR, HARYANA-124109JhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
109 72441006Lt. Mahipat Singh College of EducationVill. Sarai Aurangabad Tehsil Bahadurgarh Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
110 72441007M.D.College of EducationVill.Sarai Aurangabad, Bahadurgarh, Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
111 72441008Maa Ganga College of EducationVill. Dujana, Tehsil Beri, Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
112 72441009Paramount Education SocietyVPO Chhuchhakwas, Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
113 72441010S.D.Sr.Sec.School, D.Ed. & OT CenterNear Gaushala JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
114 72441011Sarvodya College of  EducationVill. Khanpur Khurd, Matanhale Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
115 72441012Shri Sai Baba College of EducationVPO Jahangir Pur, Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
116 72441013Universal Teacher Training InstituteVPO Goria, Distt. JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
117 72441014Pujya Swami Vivekanand College of EducationVPO Jahagirpur,  District JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
118 83441023S.S.College of EducationBadli, JhajjarJhajjarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
119 73441001Akash College of EducationNH-71 ,VPO Gatauli, Tehsil Julana, Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
120 73441002Arya.D.Ed. Training SchoolVill. Lalit Khera P.O Nidana, Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
121 73441003Ch.P.R.Memorial College of EducationVPO Sindhvi Khera, Gohana Road Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
122 73441004Green Valley College of  EducationVPO Shahpur, Kaithal Road, Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
123 73441005Haryana College of EducationVPO Kinana, Tehsil & Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
124 73441006Jat Sr.Sec. SchoolJindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
125 73441007JBM College of EducationShadipur Julana, Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
126 73442001Kanya Gurukul College of Education Julana ShadipurVill- Shadipur, Post-Julana, Tehsil-Julana Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedGirls
127 73441009Ram Narain Instt of EducationVPO Kinana, Tehsil & Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
128 73441010S.D. D.Ed. Training SchoolVillage Amrawali Khera, Post Pilukhera, Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
129 73441011S.R.M. College of EducationVPO-Anupgarh, Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
130 73441012Shiv Mandir S.D.High SchoolUchana Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
131 73441013Sidhi Vinayaka College of EducationVill- Kakrod, Narwana Surbara Road, Tehsil Uchana Narwana Distt. JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
132 73442002SRM College of Education (Women)NH-71 ROHTAK ROAD VPO ANOOPGARH DISTT. JINDJindHindiUn-AidedGirls
133 73441014Verday Devi College of EducationVPO-Bramanwas, Julana, Distt.JindJindHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
134 74441001M.D.College of EducationPundri Road, V.P.O. Rajound Distt. KaithalKaithalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
135 74441002S.S.M.College of EducationVPO Kalayat, Distt. KaithalKaithalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
136 74441003Savitri Devi Memorial College of  EducationVPO Rajound Pundri Road, Distt. KaithalKaithalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
137 74441004Sh.Kartar Singh Vats Memorial College of EducationKhurana Road, Patiyala Bye Pass, KaithalKaithalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
138 74441005Shiv Shankar College Of EducationVPO-Jakholi, Tehsil & Distt. KaithalKaithalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
139 74441006Shri Ram College of  EducationNear Ekansh Motors, Ambala Road KaithalKaithalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
140 74441007United Education SocietyVPO-Kaul, Tehsil Dhand, Distt. KaithalKaithalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
141 75442001Arya Kanya Gurukul College of EducationVPO-Mor Majra, Tehsil-Assandh, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedGirls
142 75441001BRM College of EducationGharaunda Distt.KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
143 75441002Budha College of EducationVPO Rambha, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
144 75441003Gian Bharti College of EducationVill. Indergarh, Post Indri, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
145 75441004Greenwood College of EducationMeerut Road, Ranwar, Distt.  KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
146 75441005Karnal College of D.Ed.VPO Kunjpura, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
147 75441006Keshav College of EducationVPO- Salwan, Distt.KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
148 75441007Minarwa College of EducationG T Road Taraori, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
149 75441008R.L. College of EducationIndri Road, Darar, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
150 75441009Sh. S R College of EducationVPO Kachhwa, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
151 90441019Dr. Raghubir Singh College of EducationHathlana Road , VPO Jundla, Distt. KarnalKarnalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
152 76441018Raja Devi Goyal multipurpose college for D.EdVill. Asmanpur, kaithal Road PehwaKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
153 76441015Matu Ram College of Education.Vill. Jainpur Jattan, P.O. Ladwa Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
154 76441016Rani Laxmi BaiVill.  Mangoli Jattan Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
155 76441017Adarsh College of EducationVPO  Bargat Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
156 76441002B.R. College of  EducationVill. Kurukshetra, Thanesar, KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
157 76441003Bharat College of EducationVill. Babain, (Kurukshetra)KurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
158 76441004Dr B R Ambedkar College of EducationVill Kheri Markanda, (OPP. NEW BUS STAND) KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
159 76441005Geeta Adarsh College of EducationVill.Mehra, POBakali, Tehsil Ladwa, Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
160 76441006J. R. Institute of EducationVill. Jainpur Jattan, PO Ladwa, Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
161 76441007Ladwa College of EducationVill Bapda, Post Ladwa, Tehsil Thanesar, Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
162 76441008Mahabir College of Education for WomenKheri Markanda (Opp. New Bus Stand), KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedGirls
163 76441010Sardar Chanan Singh Ghumman Memorial College of EducationShahbad, Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
164 76441011Sardr Patel Institute of Higher EducationNear Umri Chowk, Opp. Sector-3, G.T. Road KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
165 76441012Seth Banarsi Dass College of EducationPipli Road, KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
166 76441013Seth Tek Chand College of EducationVill Ratan Dera, Sirsla Road, KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
167 76442001Som Prakash Vats College of EducationJhasna Road, Distt. KurukshetraKurukshetraHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
168 90441015Sunrise College of EducationSalooni, Narnaul/ M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
169 90441016G.R. College of EducationDeroliahir, Narnaul/ M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
170 90441012Shri Krishan College of EducationBhungarka, Narnaul/M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
171 77441001Adarsh College of EducationNiwaz Nagar, Post Dharsoon Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
172 77441002Baba Jai Ram Dass Elementary Teacher Educational InstituteVPO Khatod, Satnali Road,  Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
173 77441003Baba Kheta Nath College of EducationVPO- Simha, Tehsil Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
174 77441004Baba Narayan Das Teacher. Elementary Education InstituteVILL. KHATODRA, P.O. KURAHAWATA, TEH & DISTT. MOHINDERGARH (HARYANA)MahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
175 77441005Bhartiya College of EducationCham Dhera Road, MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
176 77441006City CollegeVPO Palri Panihara, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
177 77441007Ganpati College of EducationVill-Bahori Gajarwas, Tehsil Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
178 77441008Ganpati Institute of Education & TechnologyVill- Karoli Po- Bashirur, Narnaul Distt. MahendergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
179 77441009Gaurav College of EducationAzam Nagar, Post Dharsun Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
180 77441010Geetangali Institute of Teacher Trg.VPO- Nimbi, Tehsil & Distt. MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
181 77441011H.J. Institute of  Education & TechnologyVill Palri Panihara Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
182 77441012Happy Institute of EducationDulana Road, MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
183 77441013Inderprastha College of EducationVill. Chindalia P.O. Nangal Katha, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
184 77441014Indiana Bits Institute of  EducationKanina Road, VPO Bhojawas, Distt. MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
185 77441015K.D. College of EducationDhani BhathothaMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
186 77441016K.D. College of EducationVPO Pali, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
187 77441017Lord Krishana College of EducationVPO Sihma Tehsil. Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
188 77441018M.D.High School SatnaliMohindergarh, Loharu Road, MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
189 77441019M.R.College of EducationVPO Mitter Pura PO Dublana Teh.Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
190 77441020Maharana Partap College of EducationVPO Dhanonda Block-Kanina,   Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
191 77441021Mahendra College of EducationMajra Road MahendergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
192 77441022Modern Institute of EducationGomla Road, Bhojawas, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
193 77441023Nalanda Elementary Tr.Educational InstitutesVill. Dalanwas, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
194 77441024Nav Gyan Institute OF educationVPO Kothal Kalan Distt. MahendergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
195 77441025Pitamah Umda Singh College of EducationVPO Dhanonda, Tehsil Kanina Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
196 77441026Rajesh Pilot Memorial College of EducationNayan, PO Thanwas, Tehsil Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
197 77441027Rao Jai Ram College of  EducationVPO Beri Bendabai Nagar, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
198 77441028Rao Mool Chand College of EducationKhatoti Khurd, Hamidur, Teh. Narnaual, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
199 77441029S.D. Institute of EducationVPO Kakrala, Tehsil Kanina, Distt. MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
200 77441030Sanskriti Institute of  Education & Tech.VPO Amarpur Jorasi, Tehsil Narnaul, Distt.  M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
201 77441031Sant Jai Ram Dass College of EducationOpposite Central University Pali, VPO-Pali, Mohendergarh-Dadri Road, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
202 77441032Saraswati College of  EducationKanina Road Sehlang Distt. M. GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
203 77441033Savitri Devi College of EducationKanina, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
204 77441034Shakti College of EducationSatnali, Distt. MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
205 77441035Shivalik College of EducationJyoti Nagar, Khor, Ateli Mandi, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
206 77441036Shri Ganesh Elementary Teacher Education InstituteNarnaul M.Garh Road, Nangal Sirohi, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
207 77441037Shri Ganpati Institute of  Educational TechnologyVill-Faizabad Hudina, Distt. MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
208 77441038Shri Krishna College of EducationVPO-Pali, Distt. MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
209 77441039Shri Ram College of EducationDiwan Colony, Near D.S.P.Office, MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
210 77441040Shri Ram Institute of Education TechnologyBass Ki Road, Umrabad, PO Dharson, Tehsil Narnaul, Distt M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
211 77441041Tagore College of EducationMajara Khurd, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
212 77441042Vedic Teacher Training InstituteVill.Chindalia P.O. Nangal Katha, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
213 77441043Vidyawati College of EducationVPO Khayra, Near Satnali Chowk, MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
214 77441044Yaduvanshi Institute of EducationVill-Patikara, Tehsil-Narnaul, Distt. M.GarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
215 77441045Yaduvanshi Institute of EducationBucholi Road, MohindergarhMahendragarhHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
216 80441001Brahmrishi College of EducationVirat Nagar, Distt. PanchkulaPanchkulaHindiUn-AidedGirls
217 80441002SDD College of EducationVill. Golpura Distt.PanchkulaPanchkulaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
218 80441003Shree Sat Guru Dev College of EducationVPO-Golpura, Tehsil-Barwala, Distt. PanchkulaPanchkulaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
219 80441004SRM College of EducaionVill.Ferozpur Teh.Raipur Rani, PanchkulaPanchkulaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
220 80141002Government Elementary Teacher Training InstituteGovernment Elementary Teacher Training Institute, Dharla at Morni HillsPanchkulaHindiGovtCO-ED
221 81441001L C R T College of EducationVill. Mehrana, Gohana road, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
222 81441002Geeta Institute of EducationVPO- Karhans, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
223 81441003Lakshay College Of EducationVPO Naultha, Tehsil Israna, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
224 81441004GDR College of EducationVill- Simla Mulana, Post Chandauli, Distt.PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
225 81442001Tau Devi Lal Memorial College of EducationVill-Manana, Post Samalkha, Teh.Samalkha, Distt. Panipat pin 132101PanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
226 81441005Geeta College of EducationVill Nimbri  Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
227 81441006Nalwa College of EducationVill Ujha, PO Risalu, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
228 81441007Ch. Kapoori Ram College of EducationVill. Mahawati, Tehsil  Samalkha,  Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
229 81441008Bhagwan Parsuram College of  EducationVPO Nara Sub. Tehsil Madlouda, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
230 81441009Adarsh College of EducationVPO Dehra, Tehsil Samalkha, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
231 81441010Paradise College of Education4th Milestone, Pawti Road,Samalkha Teh. Samalkha, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
232 81441011Modern College of EducationVPO Dehra, Tehsil Samalkha, Distt PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
233 81441012Kinder Kin College of EducationVPO Ahar, Tehsil Israna, Distt PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
234 81441013R.S. Memorial College of EducationVPO Buana Lakhu, Ganaur Road, Tehsil Israna Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
235 81441014LNT College of EducationPost Box 38, 79, Mile Stone, G.T.Road, Machhroli, Distt. PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
236 81441015Saraswati College of EducationVPO Madlauda Kawi Road Distt PanipatPanipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
237 82441001A.M.College of EducationVPO Majra Sheoraj ( Opposite New Police Line , Teh. & Distt. Rewari (Haryana)RewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
238 82441002B M P College of EducationVill-Parkhotampur, RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
239 82441003Baba Mohan Dass College of EducationVill Motla Kalan, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
240 82441004Happy Child Shiksha SamitiRailway Station, Kosli, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
241 82441005J.R.Memorial College of EducationV.P.O. - Rewari Jhajjar Road, RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
242 82441006Jeevan Jyoti Instt. Of Education MandolaVPO-Mandola, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
243 82441007Krishna College of EducationNaher Road Kosli Sadat Nagar Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
244 82441008Maharishi Dayanand College of EducationVPO Kosli Tehsil Kosli, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
245 82441009Modern Indian College of EducationVill Pali, Post. Kund, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
246 82441010R.C.M.College of EducationVPO Kosli Tehsil Kosli, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
247 82441011Rao Abhey Singh College of EducationVill. Saharanwas,  Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
248 82441013Rao Khem Chand College of EducationVPO-Bhotwas Ahir, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
249 82441014Rao Ranjeet Singh College of EducationVPO Bodia Kamalpur, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
250 82441016RMR College of EducationVPO Nahar Kosli Kanina Road, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
251 82441017S.D.College of EducationVPO-Khori Tehsil& Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
252 82441018Sarv Hind College of EducationVPO-Gurawara, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
253 82441019Sarwan College of EducationNangli Prashapur road Bawal, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
254 82441020Shahid Capt. D.K.Khola College of EducationVPO Zainabad, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
255 82441021Shri Vashno Devi College of EducationVPO Nagal Mundi Near Railway Crossing, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
256 82441022Vivekanand Institute of  Elementary Teacher EducationVPO Dahina, Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
257 90441020Vivekanand College of EducationVPO Bawwa Tehsil Kosli District RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
258 90441021M.A. Sarbati College of EducationZainabad, RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
259 82441024Rao Kehar Singh College of EducationVPO Ramgarh District RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
260 82441025Rao O.P.M. College of EducationVill. Berli Kalan Distt. RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
261 82441026Modern Institute of EducationVill - Budana -p.o.meerpur Distt. - RewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
262 82441027Rao Roop Chand College of Education PalhawasRewariRewariHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
263 90441022IP College of EducationVPO. Jasia Distt. RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
264 83441035IPS Sports & College of Ed. Research TechnologyJind By Pass, RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
265 83441033IPJ College of EducationVPO Ismaila District RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
266 83441024Saraswati Vidya Mandir College of EducationMeham ( Rohtak)RohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
267 83441025Shri Balaji College of EducationNear Radha Swami Satsung Bhawan Delhi Road, Sampla,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
268 83441026St. Paul College of  EducationPara, Near Bus Stand, RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
269 83441027V.B.institute of Tr.Trg.Jind bypass RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
270 83441029Vaish College of EducationNear Railway Station, RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
271 83441030Vikrmaditya Group of Educational Institutesv.p.o Morkheri Teh Sampla Distt. RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
272 83441031Vikrmaditya Group of Educational Institutes4 Km Sonepat Road, Sampla, Morekheri Tehsil Sampla,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
273 83441032Yash College of EducationVPO Rurkee, Dist RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
274 85441003Ch. Katar Singh Memorial College of EducationSonepat Road, VPO-Assan, Distt- RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
275 83441001Adarsh College of EducationVPO-Madina, meham,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
276 83441002Adarsh D.ED College, BASANAVPO-Basana, Tehsil- KalanaurRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
277 83441003Baba Khyali Nath College of EducationVPO-Kharkra, Tehsil-Meham RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
278 83441007K.S. College of EducationV.P.O Bhali Anandpur, RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
279 83441008Kissan College of EducationMaham, Baharan Madina Road Meham (Rohtak)RohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
280 83441009KVM College of  EducationLadhout Road, RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
281 83441010Lord Shiva College of EducationV.P.O. Lahli, Distt. RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
282 83441011Lyeceum College of EducationVill.Kheri Post Meham, Tehsil Maham,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
283 83441012M.R.DAV College of Education5th KM Stone, Sonepat Road, RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
284 83441013Modern College of EducationVPO-Lakhan Majra, Distt-RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
285 83441014Modern D.Ed CollegeVPO-Kharkhara, Tehsil-Meham,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
286 83441015N I C College of EducationVPO- Assan,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
287 83441016Narayana College of EducationVill kutana, Shastri Nagar.,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
288 83441017Navyug College of EducationBhaiya Pur, Post Ladhaut,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
289 83441018Pioneer D.Ed. CollegeVPO Sanghi,RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
290 83441019R K College of Education21st K M Stone Sonepat Road Humayupur, RohtakRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
291 83441020S.B.M Institute of Education & ResearchVPO-Asthal Bohar (Rohtak)RohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
292 83441021S.D.College of EducationVPO Khidwali, Tehsil ROHTAKRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
293 83441022S.M.College of Elementary Teacher EducationVPO Makrauli Khurd, Tehsil ROHTAKRohtakHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
294 84441001Ch.R.R.Memorial DEd. CollegeDhani Bachan Singh, Ellanabad SirsaSirsaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
295 84441002J.G. College of  EducationC/o Bharat Sainik School Hisar Road. SirsaSirsaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
296 84442001Mata Harki Devi College of  Education For WomenMata Harki Devi College of Educatio for Women,VPO Odhan Distt, SirsaSirsaHindiUn-AidedGirls
297 84441003Shah Satnam Ji College of EducationShah Satnam Ji Dham, Dera Sacha Sauda, SirsaSirsaHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
298 84141001District Institute of Education & TrainingDistrict Institute of Education & Training, DingSirsaHindiGovtCO-ED
299 85441001B.M. College of EducationGarhi Sarai,namdar khan khanpur road Gohana, SonepatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
300 85441002Bharat Vidyapeeth College of EducationVPO Kasandi, Gohana, SonepatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
301 85441004D B M College of EducationVPO-MADINA, TEH.-GOHANA, DISTT-SONEPAT, HARYANA-131301SonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
302 85441005D C S college of EducationMehmoodpur road Gohana (Sonepat)SonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
304 85441007Dayanand Public School for d.ed programmeVill Ishapur Kheri, Nurankhera, Tehsil Gohana (Sonepat)SonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
305 85441009Harsh College of EducationPurkhas Tehsil-Ganaur SonepatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
306 85441010Hindu College of EducationNear Hindu boys college,sonepatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
307 85441011Modern College of EducationVishnu Nagar, Gohana  Distt. SonipatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
308 85441012Mukhi College of EducationVishnu Nagar Gohana(Sonepat)SonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
309 85441013Navyug College of Education438/2, NEAR SURI PETROL PUMP OLD ROHTAK ROAD, SONEPATSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
310 85441014Nihal Singh D.Ed. CollegeVill Kalupur Chungi Leharara, SonepatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
311 85441015Om College of EducationVill. Khandrai, Jind Road Gohana (Sonepat)SonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
312 85441016Ramjas College of EducationGovind Nagar , SonepatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
313 85441017Satyam College of Education18 New Braham Colony SonepatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
314 85441018South Point College of EducationPurkhas Road, Near Sugar Mill, SonipatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
315 85441019SRG College of EducationRathdhana Road,  Near irrigation department, SonipatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
316 85441020VenKteshwara College of EducationVPO Rajpur, Distt. SonipatSonipatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
317 86441001Aastha College of EducationBhagwanpur Jagadhari , YamunanagarYamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
318 86441002Bharat college of EducationVill Kandroli P.O. Gumthala, (Yamuna Nagar)YamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
319 86441003Ch.Devi Lal College of EducationBagwan Parshu Ram Centre Bagwangarh, Buria Road,  Jagadhari, Yamuna NagarYamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
320 86441004Smt.Indira Devi College of EducationVPO Sangipur, Teh. Radaur, YamunaNagarYamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
321 86441005Janki College of EducationMarwa Kalan, Bilaspur, YamunanagarYamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
322 86441006M.D.College of EducationHafizpur, Jagadhari, (Yamuna Nagar)YamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
323 86441007S. V. Tr Trg SchoolThapar Colony, Yamuna NagarYamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
324 86441008Shivalik D.Ed.College of EducationSabapur,Yamuna Nagar,Tehsil Jagadhari, (Yamuna Nagar)Near Thermal Power Project YNR Ph 9416794163,8901113336YamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
325 86441009Swami Vivekanand College of EducationVPO-Alahar, Tehsil- Radaur, Yamuna NagarYamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
326 86441010Swami Vivekanand College of EducationSec-18, HUDA, VPO-Yamunanagar, Tehsil-Jagadhri,(Y.Ngr)YamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
327 86441011Vishva Bharti Colllege of EducationSector-18, HUDA, Jagadhri, Yamuna NagarYamunanagarHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
328 78131001Government Elementary Teacher Training InstituteGovernment Elementary Teacher Training Institute, Ferozepur Namak D.Ed. (Urdu)MewatUrduGovtCO-ED
329 78141002Block Institute of Teacher EducationGSSS NaginaMewatHindiGovtCO-ED
330 78441002G.C. COLLEGE OF EDUCATIOnpataudi Road taoruMewatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
331 78441001Saraswati Vidya MandirFerozepur Jhirka, Distt.MewatMewatHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
332 78442001Sh.Shanti Sagar Jain Girls College of EducationCivil LIne, Ferozepur Jhirka, Distt.MewatMewatHindiUn-AidedGirls
333 75441010Mewat College of EducationVill. Roopraka, Tehsil Hathin, District PalwalPalwalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
334 79441001Agarwal Siksha SamitiNear Adarsh Nagar Garhi Road Hodal, Distt. PalwalPalwalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED
335 79442001S L D Girls college of EducationVill. Chhaproula Dhatir, Distt. PalwalPalwalHindiUn-AidedGirls
336 79441002Advanced Institute of Education70km, Delhi-Mathura Road, V.P.O.-Aurangabad, Tehsil-HodalPalwalHindiUn-AidedCO-ED

Eligibility to seek Admission in D.Ed/ JBT
The admission will be open to bonafide residents of Haryana only.
The minimum educational qualification for admission to the course is as follows:
·         Candidates with at least 50% marks in Senior Secondary (10+2) or its equivalent examination with five subjects including English as one of the subjects.
·         There shall be a relaxation of 5% marks in minimum qualifying marks at Senior Secondary (10+2) level for Scheduled Castes (SC), Backward Classes (BC) and Differently abled candidates. Further, the said 5% relaxation means at least 47.5% marks (50 x 5/100 i.e. 2.5 = 47.5%), as clarified by the Apex Court in its judgment dated 18.09.2011 cited in 2012(1) RSJ-64 in Civil Appeal No. 7084 of 2011 titled as P. V. Indiresan Vs. Union of India and others.
·         However, the said relaxation shall not be admissible to Special Backward Classes & Economically Backward Class Persons in the General caste Category.
·         Matric with Hindi/ Sanskrit.

The Merit List will purely be prepared on the basis of percentage of marks obtained in 10+2 examination streamwise (Arts, Science, Commerce & Vocational) and distribution of seats will be as under:-
Stream-wise % of seats allotted
·         Science 30 %
·         Commerce 28 %
·         Arts 40 %
·         Vocational 02 %
Stream Subjects: (Required Five subjects)
1. Science Stream English (compulsory) and at least two subjects from:-
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology
2. Commerce- English (compulsory) and at least two subjects from:-
Business Studies, Accountancy, Mathematics/Economics
3.  Arts- English (compulsory) with any four subjects.
4. Vocational- English (compulsory) and all other basic subjects in Vocational Institutes
Affiliated by the Board of School Education Haryana, Bhiwani or any Technical
Diploma approved by Technical Education Department Haryana/ passed 12th with
NVEQF or its equivalent.
Note: The candidates are advised to apply for stream as per their subject combination in
Senior Secondary examination and if any candidate does not apply in proper stream as mentioned above, his/her candidature will be treated as cancelled.
Fee for Self Finance Institutions in the state of Haryana is Rs.18400/- (Rs. Eighteen Thousand Four Hundred Only) annually excluding actual examination fees as prescribed by the examination body. The second year fees of rupees 18400/- will be paid in the institution after completion of second semester examination.
1. Fees once paid will not be refunded in any case, it will be treated as forfeited.
2. Fee revision is under process, so the new fee structure will be applicable.
Admission in D.Ed.-I is provisional. It is subject to verification of certificates and other testimonials issued by the concerned Boards/University Authority etc. The verification shall be carried out by the institution and in case it is found fake/bogus, the admission shall be cancelled automatically.
No one who is in employment (Whole-time, part-time, or Honorary Service) shall be allowed to join D.Ed. Course without taking leave from his/her institution/office etc. from the date of commencement of the Academic Session to the conclusion of his examination in Practical Skill in Teaching.
Testimonials to be Submitted at the time of Admission for  D.Ed/ JBT:-
Following testimonials are to be submitted at the time of joining the institute:
Original Allotment letter.
All Original Certificates are to be submitted.
Attested photocopy of Haryana Resident Certificate issued by the competent authority i.e. Deputy Commissioner/ City Magistrate/ Sub Divisional Officer (civil)/Tehsildar/ Naib Tehsildar/ Head of the Department. In case of candidate who has qualified the examination i.e. 10+2 from a school situated in Haryana for current year will produce a certificate issued by the principal of the concerned institution as resident certificate. (See Annexure-IX)

Attested photocopies(03 copies) of the secondary certificate(10th Class) as a documentary proof of age and subject passing Hindi/Sanskrit.
Attested photocopies(03 copies) of 10+2 Sr.Secondary School Certificate issued by Board.
Original certificate of good conduct issued by the Principal of the Institution last attended or any Gazetted Officer of Haryana State.

The Candidates who have gaps in their academic career must furnish a gap year certificate stating reasons for gap(s) in the form of affidavit and it should also include the Character Certificate of the gap period from Notary / First Class Magistrate.
  No objection Certificate and Sanctioned Study leave from the Immediate Employer (with  the Date of Commencement of  the Academic Session till the conclusion of the Session) in case of  Working teacher / Employed Candidate.
v  Three attested photocopies of the following certificates (belonging to reserve categories) is to be submitted along with the original certificates at the time of Admission.

(i)      For the candidates belonging to SC attested copy of certificate issued by the competent authority i.e. Tehsildar/ Naib Tehsildar, Head of the Dept. (in case of Govt. employees).
(ii)   For the candidates belonging to BCA/BCB/SBC attested copy of certificate issued by the competent authority i.e. Tehsildar/ Naib Tehsildar, Head of the Dept. (in case of Govt. employees) also indicating there in that he/she/parents do not belong to the person/ section ( Creamy Layer) as per the state Govt. instructions.
(iii)  For the candidates belonging to Economically Backward Persons in the General Caste Category (EBPGC) attested copy of certificate issued by the competent authority i.e. Tehsildar/ Naib Tehsildar, Head of the Dept. (in case of Govt. employees) as per the state Govt. instructions.
(iv) Physically Challenged (PHC) attested copy of certificate issued by Civil Surgeon of the District concerned. The disability should not be less than 40%.
(v)   For Dependent of children or grandchildren (Maternal/Paternal) claiming the benefit of Freedom Fighter: The certificate from Chief Secretary Haryana and relationship certificate from the Deputy Commissioner /competent authority
(vi)  For Ex-servicemen & Dependent Ex-servicemen category: attested copy of certificate issued by from the Zila Sainik/ District Sailors and Soldiers Board.
v  Medical Fitness Certificate from C.M.O
v  Married Women Candidates will submit a Certificate by the Registered Medical Practitioner not less than M.B.B.S. or C.M.O to the effect that the married woman candidate is not in a family way.
v  10 copies of Passport size photographs.
v  Blood Group Certificate.
v  Affidavit of Anti-Ragging by the student and by the parents/guardian.

Note: Students seeking admission in D.Ed. course have to submit all Original certificates as Photocopies Got to BE VERIFIED AT THE ADMISSION CELL of the institute at the time of Counselling & Joining the institute. No column should be left blank, Write “N.A.”(Not Applicable) if any column is not relevant. In Case of any of the document lacking or incomplete forms or originals not verified at the time of admission, the admission shall be treated as provisional. The candidate has to complete the discrepancies if any left within 5 days after admission. Failing which, the admission stands cancelled.

Eligibility to appear in D.Ed/ JBT Examination:
(A) The admission will be open to bonafide residents of Haryana only.
(B) The minimum Education Qulification for Admission to these courses is as follows:-
(I) Diploma-in-Education (D.Ed)
i. Candidates with at least 50% marks in Senior Secondary (10+2) or its equivalent examination with five subjects including English as one of the subjects.
ii. There shall be a relaxation of 5% marks in minimum qualifying marks at Senior Secondary (10+2) level for Scheduled Castes (SC), Backward Classes (BC) and Differently abled candidates. Further, the said 5% relaxation means at least 47.5% marks (50 x 5/100 i.e. 2.5 = 47.5%), as clarified by the Apex Court in its judgment dated 18.09.2011 cited in 2012(1) RSJ-64 in Civil Appeal No. 7084 of 2011 titled as P. V. Indiresan Vs. Union of India and others.
However, the said relaxation shall not be admissible to Special Backward Classes & Economically Backward Class Persons in the General caste Category.
iii. Matric with Hindi/ Sanskrit
 (II) Diploma in Education (Urdu):- D.Ed. (U)
In addition to the qualifications prescribed as at (i) above for Diploma in Education
(D.Ed), the candidate should have passed Urdu in Secondary (10th class) Examination
from the Board of School Education Haryana Bhiwani or any other board having
equivalence of their examinations with the Board of School Education, Haryana, Bhiwani.
Note :
1. A candidate having higher qualifications will not be entitled to any additional benefit
whatsoever, he/she will have to fulfill the requisite prescribed qualification and other
eligibility conditions.
2. The eligibility of a candidate (as on 30-06-2014) for admission shall be verified at the time of admission/counselling.
3.  The medium of Instruction & Examination will be Urdu except English subject for D.Ed. Urdu.
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Online Application Schedule for D.Ed Admissions 2017-19 Brochure for D.Ed Admissions 2017-19
Important Notice to Colleges
Application Fees
Sr No
Application Fees
Fees for  General Category, Special Backward Classes &  Economically Backward Class Candidates.
Rs. 500
Fees for Scheduled Caste (SC), Backward Classes & Differently Abled (Physically Handicapped) Category Candidates
Rs. 275
Service Charges as per Payment Mode
Sr No
Payment Mode
Service Charge
Credit/ Debit Card
1.75% on the Fee Amount
Net Banking 
1. Candidates should apply only through online application form prescribed for their own categories otherwise their application will not be considered.
2. Candidates should not forget to mention their stream (Arts/Science/Commerce/ Vocational) in the online application form.  If fails, they will not consider in merit list.
3. Candidates should apply separately for D.Ed. and D.Ed ( Urdu).
4. Candidates should not forget to upload his/ her photograph and signature on the online application form.
5. Incomplete online application form will not be captured by the system. Candidates should ensure that all details are correct before the Approve Form button is clicked. After approval candidates will not be able to change their personal details. Only they can edit/change the choices.
6. Two Options for Fee Payment have been provided (Credit/Debit Card & Net Banking . Candidates may choose the option best suited to them.For complete details visit university/ institute website/prospectus

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