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rajshiksha.gov.in: Rajasthan Today Orders Teachers Transfer Promotion List 2017-2018 Online

Rajasthan Teachers Promotion List 2017-2018 Circulars Check Rajasthan Teachers Transfer Orders 2017-2018 Today at www.rajshiksha.gov.in or http://education.rajasthan.gov.in/content/raj/education/en/home.html
Rajasthan Teachers Transfer List Promotion Order 2017-18 News: Download here Rajshiksha transfer list 2017-2018 along with Rajshiksha promotion orders 2017 online issued by the Rajshiksha Rajasthan Education Department at official web portal i.e. www.rajshiksha.gov.in in coming months, till you may view previous circulars. From 1959 Raj Shiksha today order news about appointment, transfer orders or promotion list 2017-2018 was divided into 02 parts as secondary and Elementary Education to work as independent way. The far more information of "Rajshiksha" regarding all types of principal transfer list/ promotion orders, latest circulars, application forms under this department is given below....…………………
Alerts Dated 2017:Appointment Order ECG Lab Technician Merit List 2017, Result/Appointment Order at the Post of Senior Resident on 25th May 2017. PTI ग्रेड-III भर्ती वर्ष 2013 के नियुक्ति / पदस्थापन आदेश now posted in Nov 16. Earlier 3rd grade to 2nd grade online counseling uploaded in November 2016. UDC to OA order dated 05 February 2016. Hindi lecturer at the Pdunnti posting / transfer orders in order to revise and amend the order of appointment orders dated 21 January 2016, 3 Grade to 2 Grade DPC Jaipur provisional list on 08 November 2015.  Lecturer (History / Commerce) Promotion/ grievance relating to the modification order on 12 October 2015. Principals in respect of ongoing promotions / adjustments / transfer orders amended on 07 October 2015, HM surplus on 30 September 2015, Principal orders dated 29 September 2015, DD Jodhpur Parivedna on 27 September 2015. Office Order posting on the promotion of principals / Privednaa / headmaster adjustment related to the partial revision on 22 September 2015, DD Jodhpur Sanskrit promotion Stay orders, Lecturer (History / Commerce) promotion / grievance of the amended order issued on 21 September 2015. Orders received in 2015-2016 promotion of equal principal officers Privednao by posting revisions / adjustments order on 19 September 2015, Lecturer (History/ Commerce) promotion/ grievance under the amended order on 18 September 2015, Bharatpur/ Jaipur/ Jodhpur DD DEO Parivedna, Agriculture Lecturer Surplus on 13, 14, 15 September 2015, Bikaner principal parivedna/ lecturers parivedna orders, HM Surplus Kota zone orders, Urdu Kota zone staffing orders on 11 September 2015, Pali zone chemistry DPC/ ABEEO Parivedna on 08 September 2015, RPSC Head Masters Orders on 07 September 2015, Principal Udaipur Zone Parivedna on 05 September 2015, Jodhpur zone parivedna (DPC posting lecturer, head master) on 04 September 2015, Jodhpur zone parivedna (DPC posting lecturer, head master) on 03 September 2015, Ajmer Zone Principal Parivedna/ Lecturers Orders on 27 August 2015, Bharatpur Zone Principal Sanshodhan/ Lecturers/ DPC on 25 August 2015, DPC Head Masters on 19 August 2015, Sthanataran Sanshodhan on 13 August 2015, DPC Orders Physics APO posting order, Principal Sanshodhan Orders on 12.08.2015, Principal and equivalent to the rank of Officers promotion / transfer / adjustment commands amending Order on 10/08/2015, Transfer Orders LDC - UDC, DEO LDC/ Peon, DPC Physics, Maths, Hindi, Political Science, English Lecturer, DPC Principal Sanshodhan, DPC Lecturers, DEO Secondary Education Teacher, PTI, LIB Class 4, Transfer Orders Jodhpur Zone Pali Zone, Churu zone, Kota zone I/ II, Bikaner zone 1 & 2, Ajmer zone, Udaipur zone, Jaipur zone, Transfer Order Ajmer DEO PTI Posting, Orders 1 B, Lecturer Sanshodhan, Staffing Lecturer Orders (Hindi/ English/ Geography/ History/ Sanskrit) are uploaded online on 16 to 31 July 2015........................
Appointment Order of ECG Lab Technicians

ECG Technician Merit List.PDF
1 व्याख्याता (स्कुल शिक्षा)-हिंदी के कार्मिकों के 60 वर्ष की अधिवर्षिता की आयु पूरी कर लेने पर सेवा निवृति आदेश | शिविर/मा /संस्था/सी-7/10908/सेवा निवृति /हिंदी /2015-16 19-05-2016

शिविरा/माध्य /संस्था/-3/नरोत्तम /01/19
शिविरा/माध्य /सी-6/राज.वि./वेतन व्यवस्था /2016

UDC TO OA ORDER  05-02-2016
शिविरा/माध्य/संस्था/सी-7/हिन्दी/डीपीसी संशोधन/2015 एवं पीएससी/2015
शिविरा/माध्य/संस्था/सी-1/वेतन व्यवस्था/2015-16
शिविरा-मा/सी-2/वेतन व्यवस्था/31825
शिविरा/मा /संस्था/सी-3/नियुक्ति/भौतिक /पीएससी /2015

1.      Third Grade to Second Grade Review DPC Jaipur Zone (Provisional List). 
1.      English 
2.      General 
3.      Hindi 
4.      Maths 
5.      Sanskrit 
6.      Science 
7.      Social Science 


shiksha.rajasthan.gov.in : shiksha transfer list Seniority List Promotion Orders Process how to check the rajshiksha : Rajshiksha.gov.in transfer list Seniority List Promotion Orders ?

  1. Logon the official website shiksha.rajasthan.gov.in
  2. Then just click the link for seniority list and promotion/transfer orders.
  3. Download the list in pdf for,
  4. Then check it out for your name.
  5. official website of Education Department of Rajasthan- shiksha.rajasthan.gov.in
  6. Click on Seniority List which will display in the left side of your system screen.
  7. Now the all Seniority lists will be displayed on your system screen Choose the desired list.
  8. The list will open in PDF format
  9. Now you can print the Seniority List from your system

HM Surplus Orders
DPC Lecturers Parivedna Order 30.09.2015
1.     English 
2.     Commerce History 
3.     Physics Chem Home Sec 
4.      Political Hindi 


1.      Chemestry DPC Pali Zone 
2.      ABEEO Parivedna 
3.      DPC Chemestry 
4.      Lectuer DPC 
1.      Geography DPC Parivedna 
2.      Home Sec Parivedna 
1.      Jodhpur Zone Parivedna 
2.      Hindi 
3.      Physics 
4.      Political Science 
5.      Sanskrit English 
1.      Udaipur Jodhpur Zone Parivedna and DPC Orders 
2.      Hindi 
3.      History Commerce 
4.      History Jodhpur Zone 
6.      Maths Physics Udaipur 
7.      Political Science 
8.      Sanskrit English 
9.      Urdu Economics 
3.      Principal Manju Orders 
1.      DPC Lecturer Parivedna Kota Zone 
1.      Chemestry Biology 
2.      Economics Urdu Geography 
3.      English 
4.      Hindi 
5.      History Commerce 
6.      Political Science 

LDC - UDC Transfers 31.07.15
1.      Bharatpur Zone 
2.      Bikaner Zone-I 
3.      Bikaner Zone-II 
4.      Churu Zone 
5.      Jodhpur Zone 
6.      Kota Zone -I 

1.      Transfers Orders
1.      Kota Zone 
2.      DPC Physics 
1.      Second Grade Transfer and DPC
1.      Jodhpur Zone (25.7.15) 
2.      DPC Sanshodhan Maths 
3.      Transfer Order PTI 
4.      DPC Lecturer Sanshodhan 
6.      DPC Principal Sanshodhan 
7.      Transfers Principal  
1.      DPC Hindi (29.7.15) 
1.      DPC Transfers Orders
3.      DPC Sanshodhan 28.7.15 
4.      DPC Chemistry  
2.      Lecturer Transfers Orders
1.      Lecturer Hindi 
3.      Lecturer Sanskrit  
3.      Second Grade Transfers Orders
1.      Ajmer Zone (23.7.15) 
2.      Bharatpur Zone (24.7.15) 
3.      Bikaner Zone (23.7.15) 
4.      Churu Zone ( 24.7.15) 
5.      Jodhpur Zone (25.7.15) 
7.      DPC Economics (27.7.15) 
8.      Udaipur Zone (24.7.15) 
1.      DPC English Lecturer 

All districts DPC Promotion Lists 2015-2016 Pradhanacharya Padsthapan Suchi, Ajmer/ Churu zone lecturers transfer orders and lecturer staffing orders published today………….
Transfer Orders
Transfer Category Order of Second Grade Teachers
Transfer Order of Senior Teacher 

Latest News of Rajasthan Teachers Transfer/ Promotion Orders 2015 @ rajshiksha.gov.in:
Note: Transfer Category Orders Kota Zone published on 08.07.2015 also Transfer Stay orders of Jhalwar district announced on 03 July 2015, Elementary Orders Udaipur zone, Transfer Orders of DEO Secondary, TGT, LDC & Class 4 posts all districts, transfer orders 2 grade posts all districts announced on 30 June 2015 at rajshiksha.gov.in……….  
08 July 2015
Elementary Orders
1.      Udaipur Zone
Transfer orders of DEO Secondary TGT, LDC and Class IV
1.      Ajmer-I
2.      Ajmer-II
3.      Alwar
4.      Banswara
5.      Baran
6.      Barmer
7.      Bharatpur
8.      Bhilwara
9.      Bikaner
10. Bundi
11. Chittor
12. Churu
13. Dausa
14. Dholpur
18. Jaipur
20. Jalore
23. Jodhpur
24. Karoli
25. Kota
26. Nagour
27. Pali
31. Sikar
32. Sirohi
33. Tonk
34. Udaipur
Transfers Orders Second Grade
1.      Bikaner
2.      Churu Zone
o    Churu - I
o    Churu - II
o    Churu - III
3.      Jodhpur Zone I
4.      Jodhpur Zone II
5.      Kota Zone
o    Kota-I
o    Kota-II
o    Kota-III
6.      Pali Zone
o    Pali
7.      Udaipur Zone
o    Dungarpur-I
o    Dungarpur-II
o    Udaipur - I
o    Udaipur - II
8.      Second Grade Sanshodhan Orders
o    Jaipur Zone -I
Transfers Orders
1.      Bikaner
2.      HM Orders
3.      Lecturers Orders
4.      Principal Orders - I
6.      Transfer Order UDC
RPSC 2011 Transfers Orders
1.      Bikaner Zone
Transfers Orders Second Grade
1.      Bikaner Zone
Transfers Orders
1.      Lecturer
2.      Barmer Zone
3.      Jodhpur Zone
o    Jodhpur - I
o    Jodhpur - II
4.      Jaipur Zone
o    Jaipur - I
o    Jaipur - II
Transfers Orders
1.      Principal
2.      Lecturer
3.      Second Grade
4.      Bharatpur
5.      Bharatpur - Karoli
6.      Pali
Rajasthan Shiksha Vibhag Jaipur will announce 3rd Grade Teacher List on Official website rajshiksha.gov.in teachers able download name wise pdf list 2016. Rajasthan Shiksha Vibhag is various level transfer in 2016. Rajasthan Shiksha Vibhag is 1st Grade Teacher, 2nd Grade lecturers, third Grade teachers and LDC or UDC Transfer List…. Also Principal Secretary, school and Sanskrit Education, Rajasthan government, Jaipur at the Secretariat under the leadership of Secretary secondary education, school of Education, Deputy Secretary, privileged and Deputy Director (Statistics) assignments are related to education…..
Name of Department- Rajasthan Shiksha Vibhag Jaipur (Rajasthan)
Name of Transfer list- 3rd Grade Teacher Transfer list
Official website- www.rajshiksha.gov.in
Transfer List Declaration Date- October 2016

The department of Education Rajasthan, Rajasthan Education Department has issue the promotion list for Employee related to education department like teachers, Headmasters, Principals and Lecturers. You all deserving employees can check their seniority list, seniority serial number on the official website of rajshiksha.gov.in…………..

You can also view promotion list, transfer list, and seniority list on the official website rajshiksha.gov.in. In the starting time there was different work process for every States.
How to check the Seniority List?
Visit official website of Rajasthan Education Department i.e. rajshiksha.gov.in
Navigate Seniority List Tab displayed in the left side of Home Page
Then all seniority lists will be displayed in front of you
Choose your desired list.
The list will be open in PDF Format
Print it or Save it in your computer Hard disk


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